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Handwear Features:

100 years of experience with knitting warmth and comfort. Choose the style that suits you.

Please note:  All Fox River-manufactured products are knit in the U.S.A.  In our handwear line only, some of the items have finishing work done at Fox River's wholly-owned subsidiary, Fox River Caribe, in Haiti.  This very small part of our operation was acquired out of necessity when a Wisconsin-based vendor went bankrupt many years ago. 

How to Measure for Gloves:

Measure the circumference (wrap a measuring tape around the base of the knuckes on your hand) of the dominant hand around the palm, at the knuckles.  Do not include the thumb.  Then measure the hand length from the base of the palm to the end of the longest finger (usually middle).  Use the larger of the two measurement as your hand-size.  (You will see handwear sizes expressed in hand-size issues on the detail page for each product.

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See our collection of knit and leather gloves, mittens and Glomitts®. They are highly functional handwear that you can work in and be comfortable in very cold weather.

Warm weather gloves.
Warm weather mittens.

A combination of glove and mitten that gives you the flexibility you need when working in the cold.