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Light weight  All of our liners are extremely thin and add no bulk to the foot, but are made of comfortable, light-weight fibers that wick moisture away from the foot.  This makes for an extremely-comfortable layer directly next to the skin. 

Temperature Control  Control the amount of insulation you need by adding a layer, or staying cool and smooth with just the liner.

Why wear a liner? They create a friction barrier to help resist blisters and keep your feet dry by moving moisture into your outer sock. Plus, they help control your foot temperature and add comfort with soft, smooth fibers against your skin, protecting you from irritation.

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Add another layer of cold-weather foot protection. Our liners are made with a variety of fibers including Merino wool, silk, polypropylene, CoolMax®, ThermoLite® and X-STATIC®. All Fox River liners move moisture to keep feet dry and comfortable no matter what the outside conditions.

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Liners create a friction barrier to help resist blisters and move moisture into the outer sock.
Hockey Liners
Perfect for any skater these ultra-lightweight linerswick moisture, keeping your feet dry.