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Fox River is the first major sock manufacturer to introduce organic merino high-performance socks. The company’s commitment to organic is not a passing fad — Fox River is proud of its partnership with the people of Osage to become a leader in environmental initiatives.

Utilizing its expertise in fit technology, Fox River is the first sock maker to design a sock to fit the shape of a child’s foot. The company introduces new and improved Fox River Kids’ collection offering exceptional fit, moisture management (for kids’ sweaty feet!) and cute designs.

Fox River wins Trail Runner Editor’s Choice award for Fox River Wick Dry® AXT socks. Sports enthusiasts prove it has best overall performance for trail running.


Fox River takes ever-popular soft merino wool socks to the next level by blending them with long-staple polypropylene to make a lighter-weight, more durable, and quick-drying AXT (Adventure Cross Training) style. Fox River Wick Dry® AXT socks gain rave reviews from media, retailers, and consumers.

Fox River starts partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( donating 5% of net profits on sales of its women’s sock line.


Fox River introduces the first line of sport-specific socks truly designed to fit the shape of a woman’s foot. The company discovered how to knit a sock with a rounder toe area and narrower heels which mimics the shape of a woman’s foot. Fox River revolutionizes the women’s high-performance sock market with this technology.

Fox River begins annual donation of 5% of net profits on Fox River® for Women socks to National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (in 2004, NABCO dissolves and Fox River donates to BCRF).


Fox River celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Fox River outfits Heidi Howkins’ team for their K2/Everest expedition. The company also provides socks and handwear to Balti porters.


Fox River wins the prestigious Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award for X-STATIC® Liner socks…. An unprecedented second-year-in-a-row win for a sock manufacturer.

Sports Afield magazine chooses X-Static® outdoor socks as a “Best of Show” at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.


X-STATIC® Liner socks are introduced by Fox River (the first to utilize X-STATIC® silver coated nylon in outdoor socks).

Fox River wins the prestigious Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award for Wick Dry® VVS® Anatomical socks.


Fox River introduces Wick Dry® anatomical socks and is one of the first sock manufacturers to utilize Teflon fiber in outdoor socks. The first to produce anatomically correct left foot and right foot socks in the United States. This new sock line’s technology puts Fox River ahead of the competition in sock design and performance.


NASA certified four styles of Fox River Socks for use in the space program.

New state-of-the-art renovation to Fox River Mills is completed.


Developed the first sock construction to become certified by DuPont based on utilizing wool in conjunction with CoolMax®.

Recognized by the Iowa Dept. of Economic Development for its measures implemented to reduce consumption of energy and reduction of landfill usage.


Fox River acquires two additional companies: Zwicker Knitting of Appleton, WI/Zwicker International and Nelson Knitting of Rockford, IL (manufacturer of the Original Red Heel®, affectionately known as the “monkey sock”)


Outfitted the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition Team’s sock and handwear needs on the first un-mechanized 4,000 mile trek across Antarctica.


Two summit teams of the Northwest American Everest Expedition reached to the top of Mt. Everest. All outfitted in Fox River socks including Peggy Luce and Stacy Allison, the first American women to climb Everest.


When the American Everest North Face Expedition took on the world’s tallest mountain via one of its toughest routes, Fox River was on hand—and foot—every inch of the way.


Fox River socks made the Journey to the Top of the World with the Steger Expedition, the first to reach the North Pole assisted only by dog sled since Adm. Robert E. Peary in 1909.

Recognized by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad for economic growth and progressive nature.


Fox River begins producing hosiery under the Wick Dry® brand name. The patented Wick Dry® Heath System reinforced Fox River’s commitment to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations for innovative, performance socks.

Everest ‘85-Takes us to the Top……the American Expedition did…and in Fox River socks and handwear.


Steve Newman went out for a stroll and took the long way home as the first person ever to walk around the earth alone…..and he did it wearing Fox River socks.