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The Pink Rockford Red Heel® Sock More News
Our timeless Original Rockford Red Heel® Monkey Sock, used for crafting that great American icon, the Sock Monkey, was previously offered in only brown and blue. We are pleased to announce that it is now available in PINK, too!

Why pink? Pink is the timeless color associated with love, and we love our monkeys! What a perfect gift to give to someone you love. You now have the option to choose socks or a monkey in the right color for that new baby - pink or blue. Fox River has supported breast cancer initiatives for many years – another important reason for selecting pink as the newest color of monkey socks. What a great way to support someone diagnosed with breast cancer - give them a pink monkey or use the pink socks to make monkeys for fundraisers which support those efforts – the possibilities are endless……

Use the links below to find the new pink socks and other products, including the monkey dolls and do-it-yourself kits handcrafted in the USA by In My Own Dream Studio, LLC (Bonnie Krause Connelly).

Dream, imagine and think PINK!
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