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For more than 100 years, Fox River has been making great socks right here in the USA. We know that is unusual in today's world, but we believe it is the right thing to do. Fox River is dedicated to keeping all our operations, including manufacturing, in Osage, Iowa. We feel a commitment to our 300 employees who come from our community.

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By knitting all our socks in the USA, we can accomplish several things, which we feel are vitally important.

With an American workforce, we can maintain the high quality our customers have come to rely on. We take good care of our employees with livable wages, health care coverage and benefits and ongoing training in the quality processes required to make a fine product. Our employees’ dedication is integral to producing fine quality Fox River socks and handwear.

With our operations in Osage, Iowa, we are able to be involved in our communities, in ways that help American communities grow and thrive and be good places for families to live, raise children and lead fulfilling lives. There is the obvious benefit to schools and infrastructure that the tax base of industry provides. Additionally, our officers are involved in community leadership such as the steering committee for the Cedar River Recreation and Fine Arts Complex, which raised money to bring this fine resource to our community. We are part of the Osage Development Corporation, which buys land and helps bring industry to the area. And, of course, we were all involved in the City of Osage’s recent 100-year celebration.

We continue to be a leader in environmentally-responsible manufacturing. Our Chief Environmental Officer, Becky Lessard, ensures that Fox River leaves a small footprint on the land itself, and continues to seek out innovative ways to improve the sustainability of our processes. At this time, we are incubating a new business in our building that makes biomass briquets – an alternative, ecologically-sound heating source. We hope to be heating part of our plant in the next year with this innovative new product.

With local operations, we are able to work closely with our staff together in the same building. This means that if Dan, in R & D, wants to see how his new design is working out as it is being knit, he can walk over and talk to Nancy who schedules all the knit lines, or Bobby, who might be running the particular line knitting Dan’s new sock. And they can all walk over to John’s (the president/owner) office and work out a better plan, and implement it immediately. We believe this makes us more responsive, ensures higher quality, and leads to greater employee satisfaction and a sense of ownership in the Fox River high-quality product standard.

For all of the above reasons, we know we are doing the right thing for our people, our product and our country. That is why Fox River is Made in the USA.
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