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Fox River and New Orleans Puppetry Company Make Monkeys for Kids More News
Sock Monkey Project 2010 Aims to Make 100 Sock Monkeys for Area Kids

11.22.2010 – OSAGE, IA — Razzamataz Productions, one of the world’s most bizarre puppetry companies in America, nestled in Downtown New Orleans continues its effort to help kids in need this year with the 11th Annual Sock Monkey Project. With the help of key sponsors including Fox River socks, maker of the famous Original Rockford Red Heel® monkey sock, and Fairfield Poly-fill, manufacturer of fine polyester and natural fiberfill stuffing products, the Sock Monkey Project will enlist the help of local volunteers in a free Sock Monkey-Making Workshop from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 18th and Sunday, December 19th at Razzamataz Productions located at 4820 Banks Street.

“Through generous support from Fox River Socks and Fairfield Poly-fil, we are able to bring together volunteers for one weekend to create toys for disadvantaged kids in New Orleans for Christmas,” said Ryan Ballard, “aka Dr. Razzamataz”. “Our 11th Annual Sock Monkey Project is just one way we like to give back to the community and spread a little joy to kids during this magical season.”

“We’re just happy we can help bring joy to these kids this holiday season,” said Becky Lessard, Vice President of Monkey Business at Fox River. “Getting a sock monkey might not seem like an extravagant gift to many, but these simple toys have befriended thousands of kids and brought imaginary adventures into lives for generations. It can mean the world to them.”

Razzamataz Productions’ goal is to make the world a better, brighter and happier place through puppetry. They work toward their mission each year through community outreach programs and educational arts workshops such as the Sock Monkey Project. This year’s goal is to make 100 sock monkeys to be given out to area kids by “Monkey Claus” himself.

Those interested in volunteering to make sock monkeys should plan three to four hours to sew and finish their handcrafted monkey on between 10 a.m. Saturday, December 18th and 6 p.m. Sunday, December 19th. This monkey-making workshop is open to the public and offered free of charge. Volunteers are encouraged to bring decorations, scrap materials, buttons, thread, needles and sewing scissors to add a personal touch to their creation.

The Sock Monkey Project is also accepting tax-deductible donations for those interested in helping out, but not able to attend that weekend. “We really need your extra buttons, needles, sewing scissors and thread this year,” said Ballard. “Besides materials, monetary donations are accepted to help purchase supplies and defray costs of making these beloved toys.”

More about the Sock Monkey
Fox River Socks acquired the landmark the Original Rockford Red Heel sock brand, when Nelson Knitting Mill closed its doors in 1992. The Original Rockford Red Heel is a significant part of America’s industrial past. John Nelson of Rockford, Ill. developed the first seamless sock-knitting machine in 1869 that started the sock boom and Nelson Knitting Mill in 1880. Nelson added the iconic red heel to his socks in 1932 to stand out in the sea of imitators of his seamless Rockfords. A genuine sock monkey still can only be made from the copyrighted Original Rockford Red Heel, the only sock with a knit-in red heel.

Along with the Original Rockford Red Heel brand came the responsibility and joy of sharing the sock monkey and sock toys with new generations. Fox River has taken this responsibility seriously by expanding the well-known sock line with new colors such as Blue Heather in 2009 and Pink Heather in 2010. The Fox River folks have also helped proliferate the sock monkey phenomenon through creating a new sock monkey and friends pattern book in 2010, participating in crafting events and licensing the use of the iconic toy in a “big bowl game” commercial campaign in 2010 for the all-new KIA Sorento. They’ve also expanded the reach of the Rockford Red Heel distribution to the company’s worldwide network of retailers, making it available in six countries, 48 states and online. For everything sock monkey, visit

Fairfield Processing Corporation, founded in 1940, is a third generation family-owned business widely recognized as an international craft industry leader. Its batting, fiberfill and pillow forms are sold in craft stores, major retail merchandisers and independent quilt shops. Visit for additional company and product information.

Event in Brief:

What: Razzamataz Productions, along with premiere sponsors Fox River socks and Fairfield Poly-fil, will host the Sock Monkey Project 2010 to make 100 handmade sock monkeys for disadvantaged kids in New Orleans, Louisiana.

When: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, December 18 and Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where: 4820 Banks Street (Downtown), New Orleans, LA.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to help handcraft these special toys for the holidays.

Donations: Tax-deductible monetary or supply donations are being sought. Checks should be made payable to and sent to: “3 Ring Circus Arts & Education Center”, PO Box 791633, New Orleans, LA 70179-791633.

More Info: Call Dr. Razzamataz (Ryan Ballard) at 504-301-8201, visit or e-mail


More About Fox River
Fox River® is America’s original sock brand whose products date back to 1900. Even though they make the Famous Original Rockford Red Heel® Monkey Sock, their socks today aren’t your great grandfather’s socks. With innovative technologies and more than a century of experience knit into every stitch, nothing beats these socks for performance and comfort. Designed using clever engineering you can feel; it’s no wonder they are guaranteed. Exclusive technologies like Wick Dry® moisture-wicking and eco-friendly fibers and manufacturing give FoxSox more than just a feel-good fit. Try them for yourself. For more information on Fox River products or to find one of thousands of dealers across the globe, please visit Fox River Mills, Inc. is a privately held company made up of 200 of the friendliest folks in Osage, Iowa, that manufactures performance socks.

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