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Sock Monkey FAQs More News
What do I need to make a sock monkey?

It takes one pair of Rockford Red Heel® socks to make a classic sock monkey. If you are adding the hat, you will need an additional part of one sock. The socks come in small, medium, large and extra-large. Large is the size most commonly used. You will also need stuffing, thread and two buttons for the eyes. Most people also do a small amount of embroidery on the face (black embroidery thread and an embroidery needle will take care of all your basic needs).

Is there a pattern?

The socks are packaged as two pair with the (evolved) instructions that have been included since 1953. The instructions are brief, but adequate for beginners. A sewing machine works well for the couple of seams you will make, but hand-sewn seams work just as well. Some sock monkey sites (see links on Sock Monkey page, below) include their own tailored instructions, if you would like more detail. Also see the blog Sock Monkeys – A Crafter’s Journey for ideas, tips and stories about learning to make sock monkeys.

Can I buy a ready-made sock monkey?

You can purchase hand made genuine Rockford Red Heel® sock monkeys directly on our web site. See the links on the page below, "More on Sock Monkeys"

Where can I learn more about the culture and history of sock monkeys?

Right here! Have fun delving into the rich history of this craft! We’ve provided some links on our More on Sock Monkeys page. There are a couple of books out there you might enjoy for an in-depth look, as well as some websites which are devoted to all things sock monkey.
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