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Anatomical: Designed to conform to real feet, socks are left and right constructed.

AXT (adventure cross training): Strenuous outdoor activities.

AXT 50/50: is a high-performance combination of 50/50 super-washed merino wool blend and polypropylene. Fox River is the first company marketing AXT 50/50™ branded socks. AXT 50/50 dries 25-30% faster than other merino wool socks, is on average 31/2 times higher than merino wool socks in wear resistance, has a very high thermal protection, is colorfast and moves moisture to help keep feet dry. AXT 50/50 is a trademark of Fox River Mills, Inc.

Blister Guard® System: Utilizes a patented technology of 100% Friction Free Fiber in the heel, pad and toe of sock. Blister Guard® is a Friction Free Technologies, Inc. registered trademark.

CoolMax® (Dacron Polyester): CoolMax® takes the sweat out. The specially-engineered DuPont fibers used in CoolMax® fabrics transport perspiration away from the body to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate quickly. CoolMax® provides great breathability, even when wet. The breathability further enhances the thermoregulatory effect, so you stay dry and comfortable. CoolMax® is an INVISTA registered trademark.

Cotton: Provides softness, shock absorption, moisture absorption, breathability and temperature control.

Friction Free® Technology: The use of Friction Free® Fiber. Friction Free® fibers allow movement within apparel to be unrestricted and dry. Friction Free® Technology significantly reduces blisters, hot spots, and abrasions while keeping the skin cooler, drier and very comfortable. During the rigors of physical training as well as everyday activity, the Friction Free® Technology offers men and women the freedom to push their performance without the discomfort of foot injuries. Friction Free® is a trademark of Friction Free® Technologies Inc.

Hollofil® (Dacron Polyester): These hollow fibers minimize the loss of body heat and create an ultra lightweight sock. Hollofil® is a INVISTA registered trademark.

Linear Looped: A “no feel” toe seam that uses very fine stitches for a flat, smooth seam.

Lin Toe®: A looped, “no feel” toe seam very much like a hand-looped seam. It is flat and comfortable, but completely finished on the knitting machine.

Lycra®: Dupont’s registered trademark for its spandex fiber. It provides better memory fit and shape retention. Lycra® is an INVISTA™ registered trademark.

Lycra® 3D™: A construction technology using Lycra® in every course for exceptional form fitting comfort. Lycra® 3D™ is an INVISTA™ registered trademark.

Merino Wool: Exceptionally high-quality Spanish wool that is fine, soft and itch free.

Mulberry Silk: Silk is a natural thermal retainer. It’s prized for its luxurious softness as well as its strength and durability.

Multiple Zone Construction: This system designates various Performance Zones specific to the activity and the physiology of the foot or hand. The Cushioned Sole Zone, Reinforced Heel and Toe Zones, and Thermal Panel Zones are designed to enhance comfort, fit and performance.

No Vamp Construction: A breathable, non-terry front panel that prevents sock "bunch up" in critical performance zones.

Organic Merino Wool: Organic wool comes from sheep raised according to federal organic livestock production standards. Fox River organic Merino wool, from the Vermont Organic Fiber Company, is produced according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards and verified by independent accredited certification organizations. Only wool from sheep raised on certified organic ranches using organic livestock production standards can be called “organic.”

Polypropylene: This synthetic fiber displays a higher thermal insulating power, a lower density, and superior wicking action compared to other synthetic fibers.

Ragg Yarn: A 3-ply yarn first used in survival socks. It is made of wool and wool blend fibers.

Rib: A knit pattern of alternative rows of face and back stitches that provide excellent horizontal stretch.

Spandex: A durable elastic fiber. Also known as elastane.

Thermalined: Terry stitches that are incorporated throughout to form thousands of air pockets to create additional insulation and cushion.

Thermolite® (Dacron Polyester): This combines a thermally efficient polymer with micro-sized hollow-core fibers that trap body heat without added weight. It wicks perspiration away from the body up to 40% faster than other fibers, and it resists mildew and odor retention. Thermolite® is an INVISTA™ registered trademark.

Thinsulate®: A patented microfiber construction that provides greater warmth with less bulk. Its greater number of fibers allows moisture vapor to evaporate. Thinsulate® is a 3M registered trademark.

Wick Dry®: Fox River’s Wick Dry® Health System moves moisture away from the feet. Our unique design helps stop friction to eliminate blisters and hot spots. Fox River’s Wick Dry® socks keep feet dry and comfortable under even the most strenuous conditions. Wick Dry® is a registered trademark of Fox River Mills, Inc.

Wool: Wool is fleece from sheep. Its crimpy fibers create millions of air pockets, making it a natural insulator. The long, exterior antistatic fibers repel water and soil while the shorter, interior fibers absorb moisture vapor up to 30% of the weight of wool before it feels damp. And wool retains 97% of its strength when it’s wet.

X-STATIC®—The Silver Fiber™: Helps eliminate odor naturally! X-STATIC®—The Silver Fiber™ is a high-performance silver-coated textile fiber that naturally and permanently inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi in our socks. Because silver is also the most conductive element, X-STATIC® naturally regulates temperature. X-STATIC® is safe and natural and will last for the life of the product. X-STATIC® is a registered trademark of Noble Fiber Technologies, Inc.