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What to look for in an Outdoor Sock:
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Fox River is best known for their high quality outdoor socks.  From the casual hiker to the adventure trekker, you can appreciate the thoughtful design and high-quality fibers used to create a Fox River sock.

Depending on your outdoor adventure, you'll want to consider the following:

Warmth  How much insulation do I need?  Look at the weight of the sock and the insulating properties of the fiber.  Lighter weight socks can be warm as well.  For that extra layer, see our sock liners as well.

Fit and Moisture wicking  Every hiker knows how blisters can ruin a good climb or hike.  A good fit reduces friction, and moisture-wicking prevents the added friction of water against the skin.  All Fox River socks are made with moisture wicking properties and a construction designed to follow and flex with the contours of the foot.

Cushion  Strategic cushioning gives you added shock absorption and increases the durability of the sock.  Your need for it depends on the unique shape of your foot and the type of footwear you will have on.  Look for cushioning in the areas your foot is most tender, and avoid it where it will conflict with the fit of your shoe.

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See our collection of socks made for a wide variety of outdoor activities, from hiking to trekking/mountain climbing, for a hot run or a cold ski down a mountain. Fox River has over 100 years of experience in making high quality socks with the latest innovations in fiber and designs.

PEAK Series: Outdoor
The ultimate in performance, comfort & fit. Our Peak Series is packed with features so you can perform longer, stronger!
New American Ragg
The classic ragg sock in fashionable colors. Great with boots.

Adventure Cross Terrain Socks
Socks for activities like backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, road running. Feel free, feel comfortable, feel great!
Hiking Socks
Socks designed to keep feet healthy and comfortable while hiking in the great outdoors.

Trekking Socks
Socks designed to keep your feet warm and dry during the rigours of trekking the earth's wild places.