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Soldier's Wish List Contributors

Fulfilling a Soldier's Wish
Here is a list of contributors to this soldier's list.
7 Bartlett ISAF HQ CJ35, 10 Soldiers in Afghanistan - #10048987% Fulfilled

Order #175482, 10/30/2012, Stacyville, IA

Physical Trainer Ankle - WHITE, LG
6 pair

Physical Trainer Quarter - WHITE, MD
4 pair

Order #183534, 12/4/2012, Osage, IA

Stryker - SAND, XL
5 pair

Stryker - SAND, LG
5 pair

Order #184604, 12/7/2012, Charleston, AR

Women's Fatigue Fighter (TM) - SAND, LG
2 pair

Order #184615, 12/7/2012, SIBLEY, IA

Women's Physical Trainer Qtr - WHITE, LG
4 pair

Order #196158, 2/16/2013, Austin, TX

Women's Physical Trainer Ankle - WHITE, LG
2 pair