Shopping Cart Names Fox River's Trailmaster Sock of the Month certain “Zoolander-esq” former Sock-of-the-Month sock model, which shall remain nameless… Drew Steinberger, suggested that I needed to immerse myself in “our culture,” as he put it. With this in mind, I found myself hiking at the base of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, nine miles northwest of the town of Augusta in the Sun River Wildlife Management Area, hunting for shed antlers. The Sun River Wildlife Management Area is 19,771 acres of pristine wildlife habitat and the winter home of one of Montana’s largest elk herds. At High Noon, in the spring of May every year, hundreds of people gather for the annual opening of Montana’s Wildlife Management Areas. I likened it to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, or shopping on Black Friday.

Fox River Trailmaster
Affectionately referred to as Shed Heads; they brought their horses, they brought their ATVs and they brought their bicycles. I brought my hiking shoes and my new favorite pair of outdoor hiking socks, Fox River’s Trailmaster. I was glad to have them, because the morning weather was beginning to be fretful and the afternoon promised the look of rain. These socks are from Fox River’s Outdoor Collection. They are specifically made to be high quality outdoor socks. And, are designed for the casual hiker to the adventure trekker. Made of Merino wool, when I put them on, they felt wonderfully soft and yet hearty at the same time. The Trailmaster is made with a reinforced heel and toe for added durability. I was concerned the socks would be too warm for my hike, but that wasn’t the case.

Trailmaster Does Just That
My feet never felt over-heated. Nor did I get blisters. The socks are fully cushioned with an insulated leg and foot. When I have miles and hours to hike, it is an important feature that my feet feel supported. The Trailmaster does just that. In fact, the best part of this particular sock is the spandex compression arch that holds the sock in place. My feet, could in fact, feel the difference. The rain did come. My shoes got wet. But, thanks to the Merino wool of these socks which naturally reduces odor and manages moisture, my feet stayed dry.

Next Time
After searching and coming up empty handed, I had to admit defeat. I had found no antlers. Walking back to my vehicle, I passed horse pack teams that had discovered antlers the size of small Volkswagens. Like my fellow sock model, “Drewlander,” they clearly were in it to win it. That’s the thing though, there is always next season. And next time, they have no idea who they are up against. Sock of the Month: Fox River Trailmaster


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