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Stars & Stripes asks "Can nylon stockings prevent blisters on marches?"

Fox River spoke with Stars and Stripes author Jeff Schogol about a report of enlisted soldiers wearing nylon stockings underneath their socks to help prevent blisters.

During the course of his article, Schogol found that each soldier reacts differently and some find that nylon stockings work to prevent blisters, while others needed specialized socks like the Fox River Military Boot Socks to better protect themselves from blisters. But Dr. Stephen Pribut, a podiatrist in Washington, D.C., recommends specialized socks over nylons. Because while the nylons help act as a barrier, they don't move moisture like polypropylene does.

Army Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, soon to be Col. Garver, had this to say about his Fox River Military boot socks, "They were fantastic. I very rarely had blisters on my feet. After the first 25-miler that we did, we came back to work the next day and I was on my feet the next day and was fine."


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