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Diabetic Fatigue Fighter®


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TheDiabetic Fatigue Fighter®Over-the-Calf

Designed to improve blood flow, these ultra-lightweight socks offer 8-15 mmHg graduated compression in the leg. Made from super soft filament nylon to stand up to long-term wear. Plus, our Wick Dry® technology helps keep you comfortable and dry all day long. A no-rub, irritation-free toe seam is gentle on the toes.

No cushion. Flat knit.

No cushioning, flat knit construction puts little between you and your shoe.

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Fatigue Fighter®
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95% filament nylon, 5% spandex

Made in the USA
of US and Imported Yarns


Single Pair Pack

American Made since 1900

Filament Nylon

Filament nylon offers a super thin nylon that is exceptionally durable and provides superior softness. This fiber is used often for its extreme durability without the need for reinforcement.

Wick Dry® Technology

Our exclusive technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry and comfortable. Removing the moisture build up reduces hot spots and friction that causes blisters.

Scentry™ Technology

Scentry™ helps permanently defend your socks from odor. Natural and man-made agents make this technology a sure way to be confident about sock odor. This is accomplished by an embedded fiber like silver or copper or with a micropolymer silane technology which slows wear and reduces odor in the sock.

Guaranteed Against Defects

FoxSox are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Socks may be returned within one year with the dated receipt to the store where you purchased them or by following our return process.

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Fit & Comfort

8-15 mmHg Graduated Compression

Graduated compression is measured in miligrams of mercury. We find that 8 - 15 mmHg provide the benefits for compression and the comfort of all-day wear and recovery.

Increased Blood Flow

Heavier gauge elastic is layed into the sock during the knitting process. This provides a tighter fit along the leg from the calf to the ankle, compressing the veins. This increases blood flow.

Reduced Swelling

Because of the increased blood flow, circulation is improved moving blood in and out of the foot more quickly. This helps reduce swelling or pooling in the foot.

Speeds Recovery Time

Whether you're being active by traveling or physical activiy, recovery time is improved because of increased blood flow. This removes lactic acid build up and provides relief.

No-rub Toe Seam

No-rub, irritation-free comfort toe seam reduces any friction against sensitive diabetic feet.

TheDiabetic Fatigue Fighter®Over-the-Calf

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash warm, inside out.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.