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Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

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Gift Wrap

Wrap the items in this order as a gift with an optional message.

How much does gift wrapping cost? 
A charge of $2.00 USD will be added to each gift wrap order. 

What does the gift wrap look like, and is a card available?
Depending on the size of your gift, the items will be wrapped in either a box or a bag, as shown. A gift card, with your personalized message, will be attached. The entire package will then be placed inside a packaging box for shipping.

Can I have multiple gift wrap packages in one order?
Unfortunately, no. If you have multiple giftees, you should enter each as a separate order. We will gift wrap all items in each order as a single gift.

Will the recipient see the product prices?
No. We do not include a packing list, which shows prices, with gift-wrapped orders. You will receive an email order acknowledgment to the email provided, shortly after entering the order.