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Women's Fatigue Fighter®


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TheWomen's Fatigue Fighter®Over-the-Calf

Even the longest marches or drills will be no problem in your FoxSox. Gentle 8-15 mmHg graduated compression increases blood flow to fight fatigue and give you extra pep. Extra cushioning at heel and toe provide comfort and reinforced heel and toe add durability and longer sock life. Our exclusive Wick Dry® technology keeps feet dry while our URfit® System provides support. Scentry® technology resists odor in the sock.

Targeted cushioning

Lightweight blends the right amount of targeted cushioning for a variety of activities.


60% recycled polyester, 35% nylon, 5% spandex

Made in the USA
of US and Imported Yarns


Single Pair Pack

American Made since 1900

Polyester & Stretch Polyester

Two hydrophobic (water repelling) fibers that are known for their durability and are extremely colorfast for vivid coloration that won't fade.

Guaranteed Against Defects

FoxSox are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Socks may be returned within one year with the dated receipt to the store where you purchased them or by following our return process.

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Fit & Comfort

8-15 mmHg Graduated Compression

Graduated compression is measured in miligrams of mercury. We find that 8 - 15 mmHg provide the benefits for compression and the comfort of all-day wear and recovery.

Increased Blood Flow

Heavier gauge elastic is layed into the sock during the knitting process. This provides a tighter fit along the leg from the calf to the ankle, compressing the veins. This increases blood flow.

Reduced Swelling

Because of the increased blood flow, circulation is improved moving blood in and out of the foot more quickly. This helps reduce swelling or pooling in the foot.

Speeds Recovery Time

Whether you're being active by traveling or physical activiy, recovery time is improved because of increased blood flow. This removes lactic acid build up and provides relief.

Spandex Arch Support

Spandex compression arch adds support and won't sag. Support at the arch helps fight fatigue and keep sock in place.

Contoured Rib Top

Our contoured rib top made from elastic and spandex helps hold the sock up and in place to eliminate slippage without pinching.

Reinforced Heel & Toe Wear Zones

Heel and toe are reinforced with nylon to add durability and longer sock life.

Vented Panel

Sock-specific mesh and vented panels provide breathability and help manage moisture to keep feet dry.

TheWomen's Fatigue Fighter®Over-the-Calf

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash warm, inside out.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.